Advantages of hiring Cloud Managed Services

In the actual business environment, it is increasingly necessary to implement Cloud Computing Services in order to have a better data management, also increasing the operation speed and availability around of day-to-day demands. However, it is common that many companies refrain from hiring this type of technologies because they do not have the specialized personnel […]

Success case: Clarasol

Exponential growth after Cloud migration. Cloud data migration is an actual business tendency that offers a various advantages in communication efficiency and company’s internal management. Today, we present a case of success reached between OnCloud and Clarasol. OnCloud was the Cloud Services provider that made Clarasol save on expenses and reach a sizeable growth, strengthening […]

OnCloud | Story of the Mexican Cloud

Read more about the consolidation of a Cloud company Mexican focused. Hi, I’m Esteban Rey, a technology passionate and OnCloud CEO. I always knew that technology and everything about computers were my passion. Since young, I had high curiosity for dismantle electronic devices to know how they worked and that is why my childhood nicknames […]