Advantages of hiring Cloud Managed Services

In the actual business environment, it is increasingly necessary to implement Cloud Computing Services in order to have a better data management, also increasing the operation speed and availability around of day-to-day demands. However, it is common that many companies refrain from hiring this type of technologies because they do not have the specialized personnel for its operation. To solve this inconvenient, Managed Services are a viable and highly secure option that guarantees optimum operation of Cloud Services, also a secure and confidential environment in which databases and applications have adapted access levels for those who manage these services.

A Cloud Managed Services supplier provides applications and a system turned into the administration of a network for multiple companies. The wide variety of managed services available include WAN optimization, unified messaging, network management, managed security firewalls and virtual private networks (VPN). We must clarify that managed services is an area focused on business that do not have an IT area or enough robustness to have one. However, the proposal of this service is to manage the operational part of a company, regardless of their size.

Among the benefits of hiring Cloud Managed Services are: saving on personnel, since frequently IT departments are very limited or occupied; reducing costs by solving a problem safely without hiring extra personnel or paying for a specialized one; good safety practices that contribute greater team efficiency and better control of its’ information: clients can completely focus on their core business and not waste time in complicated situations or do not have time to solve it; better control of administration; personalized advising to any type and size of company and transparency in data obtaining.

Hiring Cloud Managed Services also brings other benefits such as keeping pace with IT updates and demands: it allows for greater scalability so companies execute quicker movements according to their needs. 

Managed Services is still a complex subject to focus, however, what we cannot forget that it is a solution to eventualities. We want you to focus on your core business, while OnCloud manages your Cloud Services.

Ask how it works for your company, remember it is for all business lines and sizes.

OnCloud team.