Success case: Clarasol

Exponential growth after Cloud migration.

Cloud data migration is an actual business tendency that offers a various advantages in communication efficiency and company’s internal management. Today, we present a case of success reached between OnCloud and Clarasol.

OnCloud was the Cloud Services provider that made Clarasol save on expenses and reach a sizeable growth, strengthening the shared success between both companies.

Clarasol is a Mexican brand with more than 72 years on the road. However, as many companies in Mexico City, Clarasol has had to deal with situations and natural disasters that commonly cause losses in physical servers, that is why Clarasol decided to hire Cloud services and as a result, an exponential growth was obtained.

The company had a central office where all the information was stored, nonetheless, by having two operation offices it commonly faced stability problems due to physical equipment failures and link problems, issues that caused substantial losses due to time out of line.

This kind of situations are very common in Mexican medium companies because many of them have anchored servers in central offices and no Cloud backup, which affects communication between different locations and, of top of that, also causes that electrical faults or physical equipment maintenance time do not allow access to databases or any other important file for the company’ functioning. In this regard, a company that decides to hire a Cloud service to store information also gets sufficient availability to avoid sites data saturation, commonly causing work hindering due to high quantity of time spent in server’ liberation. Likewise, it optimizes time waiting for server’ restart if there are electrical or connectivity problems. Emphasizing that Cloud offers unlimited access to all users regardless of their geographical location or hour, with high security standards and real time back up.

Once Clarasol migrated its information to the Cloud, reached an efficient backup for their accountant databases, getting an optimum information management in the company’s productivity. Cloud Servers improved the company’s data management, protecting to their files and speeding up the linking process between both offices.

Benefits obtained from backup information on the Cloud are easily assimilated as competitive advantages in the actual Mexican market, so we recommend you to plan a corporative digitalization process that includes a protection strategy and server acceleration. Learn more about our services, get close to a new digital identity for your company.

OnCloud team.