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Read more about the consolidation of a Cloud company Mexican focused.

Hi, I’m Esteban Rey, a technology passionate and OnCloud CEO. I always knew that technology and everything about computers were my passion. Since young, I had high curiosity for dismantle electronic devices to know how they worked and that is why my childhood nicknames were referred to that, like Kilowato, as a matter of fact, today everyone knows me like that (that is why in all my usernames in social media “@Kilowato”). I became a Cloud Evangelist because in my daily work, and consulting Mexican PyMES, we constantly faced huge suppliers with the purpose to implement projects with a giant infrastructure, high expenses and payments in USD, when in reality its public was destined to 10 or 50 users and all the above exceeded their needs leaving a gap in the market that could give them a customized solution.

2014 meant a huge step, looking to create our own technology project to solve the foregoing problem area, we explore through different ways: be able to develop an application, a point of purchase among other solutions. That is how we reached the conclusion that the main point of all our ideas was ruled by Cloud infrastructure, hence, we bet on developing our own Cloud as an alternative for small and medium companies in Mexico with all the big organizations’ security with TIER III levels. We started operations with a 3 members team until consolidate the company that we have today, but our main goal in essence has always been focused on the client, visit them, talk about their needs and help them through the Cloud migration process solving performance problems, save on equipment costs, aware them about their usage, but above everything, provide the chance to completely focus on their business and stop worrying about the supporting infrastructure.

We are Mexican speaking company, we know their deepest necessities, for this reason, we support you in the important decision to adopt the Cloud infrastructure as the next necessary technology level to operate any service, regardless of the business line.

We show up the possible solution options completely customized, simplifying the structure, operation and implementation, accompanying you through all the process without an initial investment and providing an unique service where you only pay for what you need today, with the possibility to amplify the solutions as your business grows and develops. We offer an integral support, granting flexible and available access from anywhere in the world in a multiplatform system accessible from PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

We count on SLA certifications, backups, antivirus, firewalls, certifications, contracts, security policies, protocols, natural disasters insurance against and forefront technologies to strength your information security. With OnCloud you will have an actual perspective of the risks implied in Cloud migration, having the possibility to buy not only one server but an all-plans a backup, antivirus and firewall without additional cost. Get on the cloud with OnCloud, optimize your processes due to our high availability and leave in our hands the management, we handle the Cloud so you can handle your business.

OnCloud team.

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